These team members are a sample of the hard working individuals at Power Block Gym. Through dedication and determination, they conquer their limits and reach their goals.


Exercise Routine: Does SilverSneakers 3 times a week Personal trains with Cindy 2 times a week
Fitness accomplishments: Lost 143 pounds!

We are proud to present Ervin Huntington as a newest featured athlete. Ervin has been part of the Power Block family for three and a half years. During this time he has lost 143 pounds. It took one year to lose the first hundred and eight months to lose the other forty-three pounds. He has earned every one of those lost pounds hitting the gym consistently 5-6 times a week. Ervin says, “I truly believe if I wouldn’t have started at Alton’s three and a half years ago, I may not be alive today. I could hardly walk or get around. If it wasn’t for the support I received at Alton’s, I would not have kept coming and reached my goals.”

One of Ervin’s weight loss tips is a cheat day. One day a week he cheats on his diet, one time. His favorite cheats are potato chips, ribs or a McDonald’s Jr. Burger. The rest of the time, he is diligent to what he eats! Great tip. You may see Ervin around the gym. One of his passions is helping new members. He says he like to give the support to those who are new like he received when he first started. He helps teach the SilverSneakers weight training class and always sets up for the other classes. Ervin is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a member of St. Peter’s Church. Power Block is very proud of Ervin and honored that he is a consistent presence in the gym. Thank you Ervin for all you do for our facility.


We are proud to present our first "Featured Athletes", Ray Mesquita and Mari Bencomo. They are original Power Block Gym members from back on Union. They both exhibit the "Power Block" attitude of hard work and consistency. Ray is a driver for Ameripride while Mari is a CMA at Dr. French's office. They have three kids: Gino 18, Mileena 17 and Karissa 12. All three of their kids are very active in the gym and sports. Ray and Mari have been excellent role models showed them the value of exercise and eating right. Both Ray and Mari have excelled in bench press competitions and Mari also has competed in deadlifting. Mari is continuing to work on her goals in competing. Mari says, "Alton's Power Block Gym has been a big part of our lives. We have been inspired by other members, personal trainers and owners." Thank you Ray and Mari for being such an integrate part of our facility and setting such an inspiring example for your family and other members.